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RAS-03 San Antonio Food Bank's Urban Farm Fieldtrip

Field Trip to the San Antonio Food Bank's Urban Farm at Mission San Juan

Please join us for an amazing local experience on Friday afternoon from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Sign up at the Registration Desk by 1:00 p.m. to guarantee a spot on this local trip.



The San Antonio Food Bank’s farm at Mission San Juan is actually on a National Park site. All of the San Antonio Missions, besides the Alamo, are run by the National Park System, and ours is an unusual land use agreement where we’re able to cultivate on some of its land. When the Spanish colonists arrived and established the missions almost 300 years ago, they started farming that land using acequias, which were diversion ditches inspired by Roman and Moorish irrigation techniques. We continue the same tradition by farming this land, where a portion is irrigated using the historic methods of the Spanish and the indigenous. We also focus on cultivating more drought tolerant crops that can withstand rising temperatures. What food we grow ends up going to the community in South Texas that needs it through our Food Bank distribution programs.

Event Information

Start 04-05-2024 2:30 PM
End 04-05-2024 5:30 PM