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Section Key

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AAAS - African/African American Studies
ABS - Association For Borderland Studies
AFIT - Economics (Association For Institutional Thought)
AIS - American Indian Studies
AS - Asian Studies
CDD - Chronic Disease & Disability
CJC - Criminal Justice & Criminology
CMS - Communication Studies
CS - Canadian Studies
EG - Economics General

EPN - Environmenal Policy & Natural Resource Management
GD - Globalization & Development
HIS - History
LASC - Latin American Studies & Chicano-Iberian Culture Network
MC - Mass Communication
MENA - Middle East & North Africa
NPPS - Non-Profit, Philanthropy, Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
NZAS - New Zealand & Australia Studies
PA - Public Administration
PFB - Public Finance & Budgeting

PS - Political Science
RAS - Rural & Agricultural Studies
SA - Sociology & Anthropology
SES - Slavic & Eurasian Studies
SP - Social Psychology
SW - Social Work
URPE - Union For Radical Political Economists
US - Urban Studies
WGBL - Women's, Gender, & LGBTQ Studies

CJC - Criminal Justice & Criminology

CJC 1 - Current Issues in Criminal Justice Professions

Stephani Anne Williams
Title: Coordinator
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Affiliation: Northern Arizona University


Moderator and Discussant: Cindy. Scott, Northern Arizona University


“Developing Targeted Recruitment and Hiring Strategies for Police Agencies: Sworn Police Officers & Dispatchers”, Cindy Scott Janicik, Northern Arizona University, Rodney Parish, Northern Arizona University, Douglas Janicik, Norther Arizona University
“Police Participation in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Research Projects”, Todd Hataley, Fleming College, Joseph Hays, Fleming College
“The Big Chill in Policing: The Perils of the Ferguson Effect”, Lois Weiss, Phoenix Police Department
“Examining the Influence of Workplace Variables on Job Stress and Job Satisfaction Among Parole and Probation Officers in a Western State”, Matthew Leone, University of Nevada. Reno, Chelsea Hines University of Nevada, Reno , Eric G. Lambert Indiana University Northwest , Linda D. Keena University of Mississippi, Stacy H. Haynes Mississippi State University, David May Mississippi State University, Monica Solinas-Saunders Indiana University Northwest

Event Information

Event Date 04-13-2023 4:30 pm
Location Palm F